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2012 nissan altima problems

2012 nissan altima problems

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Around the Site Information Find out more about us in the press or read stories from drivers who praise our work. with any comments or concerns. Vehicle Problems Find out what cars to avoidview the latest problem trendsor keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems. Looking for something lighter? Read our nissna complaints to see people who found humor in a bad situation.


The engine cooling problems have caused at least 3 crashes, seven fires, five injuries, and typically occur at around 76, miles.

The worst model year of Nissan Altima is the model, with problms problems regarding the CVT transmission. The transmission issue generally deals with the driver not being able to increase the speed, the transmission failing, the car hesitating while stopping, and the car jerking severely when shifted into drive.

Nisxan also allows you to connect an aux cord and connects to Bluetooth. The Nissan Altima is similar to the year in that it has a defect trend of the CVT transmission that generally happens atmiles. It is very reliable and super comfy.

There are certain s to tell if your transmission is slipping while driving. Although the transmission problems were prevalent during this year, the transmission issues were not as pressing as the engine concerns.

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Halle D on July 16, Helpful Great car, will drive it until it cannot drive anymore! Although, my car has stopped doing the push to start, so I alyima have to insert a key. Overall, I love this car and I hope it lasts me a long while.

Therefore, it is important that you keep your transmission fluid at an optimal level so your car does not stop working. This complaint deals with the clutch sticking to the floor, the acceleration losing more than half of the pressure, the clutch dropping too quickly to the floor, and trouble with trying to shift into neutral. The car has comfortable seating that fits up to five people and has both air conditioning and heating systems that work great.

In bissan, the NHTSA has created numerous complaints with the power train system, dealing with manual transmission problems. Although there are issues with this model, the Nissan Altima transmission problems are minimal compared to other years.

with any comments or concerns. The repair is also not very expensive.

I have been on many road trips in this car without any problems. Noisy brakes are not uncommon.

The ride is smooth. Some of the causes of these transmission issues are due to leaking transmission fluid, low fluid, the shifter, internal transmission issues like the brakes dragging, or low transmission fluid. It feels like you are driving on air. There is very minimal maintenance required.

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It has an aux port, no Bluetooth music, but it does connect to your phone for hands free talking. Alexa S on July 16, Helpful The dashboard is very clean and easy to maneuver and the engine is very smooth. There is cruise control and it is push to start. The Nissan Altima has unfortunately been plagued by numerous transmission problems throughout the years. The severity rating for this issue is Numerous users have reported that going over or under a certain speed causes the car to shake.

Advertisement - Continue reading below A leaking oil cooler gasket is often reported.

Watch out for these common problems

Other than the problems that come with that the car does pretty well. The car gets excellent gas mileage.

The most common solution for this model is to get a new transmission, replace the transmission, or perform a complete CVT replacement. Lexie H on September 4, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Love my car recently found out that Altimas are known to have transmission problems Nissan Altima Nissan Altimas are well known transmission problems.

The timing chain doesn't need to be replaced at regular intervals. The converter was forcing objects back into the exhaust manifold, which nussan cause a dangerous obstruction.

Tatianna S on July 16, Helpful Love the console and feel. The noise gets louder when changing lanes.

What altima year is most reliable?

Seat warmers make cold days easier to handle. The Nissan Altima transmission problems involve the owners complaining about vibration and transmission failure related to the CVT, a whining noise from the power steering pump, and windshield problems due to poor de. So far, it has been extremely reliable.

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